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All About Me


If you want just a little more information about me, here goes! I have three beautiful and dynamic children whom I adore. I absolutely love nature and spend as much time as humanly possible outdoors (true fact, I wrote my entire university thesis in our daughter's tree house, just so that I could be outside in all weather). I love running, playing with my children in all manner of crazy and fun ways, meditating and feeling connected. I absolutely love science, especially Human Biology and Quantum Physics and have a never ending fascination with the human mind. I am intuitive and have always been aware there is more to life than meets normal perception. In essence, I love life, I love feeling joyful and I love to connect with others on a genuine and deep level.

I believe that everyone in life is equal and that we all bring something beautiful and unique to this world. My passion is to help others to feel good in themselves by helping to restore balance to the mind and body. Now that you know about me, I'd love to meet you!

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